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Good morrow, dear readers! It's great to be back with you in this new year. We've got a few things to report from CES (we didn't go, but we read about it!), and a tasty little update from ecommerce platform land.

Here's to 2017!

Neither consumer, nor electronics, nor a show. Discuss

CES 2017 ends today. What's been remarkable about this year's show?

For starters, ecommerce has had a bigger place at the table this year. The "eCommerce & Enterprise Solutions" marketplaces grew from 14 to 33 companies between 2016 and 2017.

Beyond that, the Consumer Electronics Show is no longer just a fashion pit where TV makers show up to try to out-slim each other's flat screens.

A driving undercurrent at CES '17 has been, to use a (gulp) cliché term, convergence: Take the keynote selection of Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, whose company is figuring out how to branch out from just clothes into smart clothes; you know, from wearables into wearables

Could you have imagined a clothing company exec headlining a CES keynote even five years ago? But Under Armour, says Plank, has "always been a tech company." It's the kind of half-truth stance that more and more CEOs of billion-dollar companies are going to find more and more necessary over the next few years.

Magento climbs the mountain

Big news for Magento, which just secured a whopping $250 million from Chinese investment firm Hillhouse Capital to grow their ecommerce platform.

Along with last year's RJMetrics acquisition, will this help Magento close the gap with market leader Shopify?

The cash infusion puts the company's market valuation at "more than $700 million" (per the Financial Times piece)—but that's still a far cry from Shopify's market capitalization of just over $4 billion.

Your friendly author has pledged to keep this one sweet and short, because eventually, inevitably, he starts typing "Magento" as "Magneto" and it's all downhill from there.

From CES: Yep, it's a gamified toothbrush. (Yahoo! Finance)

The call is coming from inside the fridge!

We're not done with you yet, CES. (This bit comes to you pretty much courtesy of TechCrunch. Thanks, TechCrunch.)

First up, this was technically before CES, but it's close enough: At an event right before the convention, LG unveiled a smart fridge that's integrated with Amazon's Alexa. Fancy, but hopefully it's more successful than some high-profile refrigerator integrations we've seen in the recent past. (Alexa is also coming to our cars, yo.)

Next up, TechCrunch has declared Amazon and Nvidia joint "winners" of this year's show, not because they made the biggest, boldest splash on the show floor, but because "they’ve become key operators in a number of areas at once that have captured the attention of the public and the companies whose products serve that public." Amazon's not a surprise, but Nvidia has been quietly making waves in the AI realm for a little while now.

And finally, also spotted at the show: If you're building your vcommerce startup around a niche disposable product, you might do well to partner up with the makers of this handy device, which clips to your customers' garbage cans and scans items for reordering as they're dropped in. Take that, Amazon Dash!

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